About Abdul

Abdul is an entrepreneur first and foremost and then a marketing consultant. He believes successful marketing begins with your own business and the most power, leverage and monetary reward can only come from creating, developing and marketing your own business.

Need help getting more customers & clients?

Whatever the type of business you are in, he'll show you so many ways you can attract customers & clients it will blow your mind.

You are probably using one or two selling methods right now and not getting anywhere as much as you can be if you firstly got the most out of your existing efforts and if you could find new, low cost ways you can attract & keep new clients.

Abdul helps businesses make more money from their existing efforts & shows them how to discover new methods of attracting clients, selling more to them, selling more often, selling to them while you sleep and stabilising, securing and sustaining a long term business that's not just rewarding but fun and stress free!

He shows companies how to maximise their resources, advertising, marketing, sales force & relationships so that they can capitalise on their existing infrastructure and expenditure without the need to spend more money, effort or energy.

Abdul makes being in business fun and rewarding at the same time. You'll only understand the true power of Abdul's methods when you speak to him yourself.