Public Speaking - Inspire your audience

If you want to inspire your audience with great speeches that will get them motivated and moving then you need Abdul. His words can motivate even a dead donkey! He is articulate and inspirational and has the power to move any audience, fresh or experienced, in business and marketing.

Pure business & marketing inspiration split up into 30 minute chunks that will keep your audience alert

You can choose to have Abdul speak about a single subject or numerous subjects. To make it easier for you to match up the audience with the speech here is a list of categories you can choose for him to speak about:

  Title Duration Cost
1. From 0 to 6 million in 12 months, how I did it and how you can too 30 mins £2,500
2. How to start a business with little or no investment and make it succeed 30 mins £2,500
3. What is marketing and how should you do it? 30 mins £2,500
4. Online marketing and the social media buzz and how to capitalise on it 30 mins £2,500
5. How to make your web site work harder for you 30 mins £2,500
6. How to wake up richer and never worry about money again 30 mins £2,500
7. How to become a marketing genius 1 hour £5,000
8. The Ultimate Marketing Seminar - 1 Day Seminar 8 hours £15,000
9. The Marketing Revolution Seminar - 3 Day Seminar - Maximum 100 attendees 24 hours £40,000
10 The Extreme Marketing Boot Camp - 6 Day Seminar - Maximum 100 attendees 48 hours £70,000