Success Stories

Here are just some of his marketing achievements:

  1. Taken an Internet Service Provider from UNPROFITABLE to £6m in 18 months.
  2. Helped a Cosmetics company go from ZERO to £1.25m in less than 2 years and growing by spending just 30p on marketing.
  3. Generated over £100,000 in free publicity from Sunday Express & Sunday Times for new start-up company.
  4. Generated £60,000 from ‘dead’ leads in 48 hours without spending any money on marketing.
  5. Generated £50,000 in 24 hours by utilising existing company resources, without spending any money on marketing.
  6. Saved an ISP £10,000 in recruitment costs with one simple idea.
  7. Doubled the turn over of a Fast Food business in 30 days with one simple idea that cost only £400.

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